Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Can WIN...

Just a reminder about the upcoming UnBirthday Party and Give~Away! Here are the photos of what will be in the Give~Away for the Lucky Party Guest! Everyone is invited and if you missed the first post about this, just click here to get the details!

Alice sure did grab a strange assortment of goodies for the Give~Away as she tumbled down the Rabbit's Hole, didn't she?!

That sweet lil piece of Vintage Embroidery got snagged a lil bit on the fall... but I bet some creative soul could use it in a crafting~masterpiece! I'm loving the Enamelware Soap Bowl...

Mmmmmmmmm... I see Strawberry filled Wafer Rolls! And how amazing that Alice was able to catch that teeny~tiny Tea Cup and Saucer with the sweet roses on it!

Who doesn't like Hearts and Violets?!

And a tiny Watering Can with a Vintage-looking label.

Ooooooo... Sheet Music and Chandeliers! Oh, wait, not Real Chandeliers... dang it! They just are pretty Pink and Blue Note Cards with Chandeliers on the front!

I hear that Barbara Johnson writes some good Christian Inspirational stories with Humor! I have not had a chance to read any of her books myself. Looks like Alice grabbed an old copy of a Kiwanis Song Book!

Ooooooo... it sure is OLD... LOL! I hope that y'all will be able to join in the FUN this Friday and get a chance to win this odd assorment of Wonderland Goodies! God bless...

Until another time... Pearl


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Pearl, It was so good to hear from you today! I was really worried about you! You've been in my thoughts! I just love the goodies for the give~away. Of course, I never win anything! LOL! I've read a few Barbara Johnson books and they are wonderful! And the sheet music would be a welcoming addition to many craft projects! Love the chandelier cards, too! Oh, let's just say, I love it all! :)

I'm busy getting my post ready! I'll be here with bells on, Friday! LOL!

Love ya, Rhonda :)

Tracie~MPMaison said...

Hi Sweet Pearl~
I am so excited about this Unbirthday Event of the Century I can hardly stand it!

Alice sure picked up a lot of things on her way down that rabbit hole. Now, I think that enamelware soap holder should have my name on it and the rest of the goodies that dear girl managed to hold onto on the way, hmmm~sheet music and chandeliers - do I hear the beginnings of a song?

Guess I better get busy and find some wonders to bring to the party this Friday. I've got to go look for a crown, for you the Queen putting on this soiree for all of us entering into Wonderland.

Rue said...

Hi Pearl :)

I'm entering for the party. I hope you like what I did for tomorrow ;)

LOVE all the giveaway cuteness!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Wow! Alice sure did have her hands full. I can't believe she even made it down the hole without getting stuck. But WAY TO GO ALICE!

Looking foward to the party.

I sure hope I win the giveaway contest!