Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby Shower...

By now I'm suspecting that many of you fine blogging ladies have heard that we are about to welcome a new member to our blog-world! That's right... a new baby girl is just about ready to make her grand entrance into the world! Where is all of this excitement taking place? Ohhh... just down the road and to the left at...

Yep... Heather, at Hopscotch and Hydrangeas, is expecting her sweet lil girl, Cali, to arrive within a few weeks. Rhonda, from Scooterblu's Whimsy, is hosting a Baby Shower for Heather and Cali on Friday, July 25th! That is just like Rhonda, to do something sweet and fun for a friend! I just know it's going to be the best Baby Shower that the virtual world has ever seen... so, please come along and join us as we celebrate!
~please remember to click on each graphic to enlarge~

Baby Calista Kay will be welcomed home by her Big Brother Kyle and her Big Sister Bella! What fun they will have together as they embark on the journey of life!

Heather, I thought that perhaps you and your Husband would enjoy passing out Pink Bubble Gum Cigars to all of your friends and family!

And, I thought that Kyle and Bella would enjoy this...

Though we've just recently met, Heather, I am so honored to be a guest at your Baby Shower! You're a wonderful woman and I look forward to getting to know you better... I hope you'll enjoy your gifts... I had so much fun shopping for you and baby Cali!

Here's a ring to slip onto your finger with a special message inside.

I have no idea how many folks are going to be showing up, so I thought it would be a fun thing to have an extra cake! You don't mind, do you, Rhonda?! I bet we won't have any trouble figuring out what to do with any left-overs! Yummies!!

Check out these neat hand-print tins that I found! You can make a newborn print and then two more as Cali grows.

Look at this awesome Gold Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Crib! Isn't it beautiful?! Notice the green vines and leaves gently wrapping their way towards the Gold Crown at the top! Unortunately, when I tried to purchase this, I was told they were sold out... Sadness...

But I did find this pretty wall sconce for the nursery. I ordered several of them!

Even though they told me they were sold out of the Gold Crib, I didn't give up! You don't think Cali will mind that I got her a White Pumpkin Carriage Crib, do you, Heather?! I added a Chandelier and some gorgeous bedding to go with the crib. Also a mobile and a birdhouse lamp. Ohhh... and a chair with a sweet lil footstool, too!

Every lil girl needs her own Tiara to wear in her enchanting Princess nursery!

When Cali gets old enough, I thought that she and Bella might enjoy this Pink Playhouse!

And what good is a Pink Playhouse unless the lil Princess has her very own "Pretty in Pink" Car parked in the driveway?! What FUN!

Heather, may God bless baby Cali and your entire family as this new chapter in your lives opens. I had fun at your Baby Shower and hope you did too! ~tucking some carefully wrapped cake into my purse before heading home~
God bless...

Until another time... Pearl


The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Drooool! I love the pumpkin princess crib! And the little car! Your card was darling.
It was nice to *see* you at the shower Pearl!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Your gifts are so nice! I'm sure Heather will be thrilled! Have a great day,

Picket said...

Wow Pearl!!! I am sitting here with my mouth dropped to the floor....THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Ohhhh I love how you made your pictures look like that and those gifts..oh my word....each gift just got better and was like a a true fairytale shower and I know Heather will feel like a true princess when she sees this! Ohhh you even got me squealing! lol lol

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Pearl, You outdid yourself! I love it ALL! And your commentary always adds so much! I couldn't think of anything for Marc, and the cigars were perfect! Oh, and that crib....WOW! You warned me it was perfect for Heather, and that is was! Your graphics are so wonderful, Heather can print them out for future use for little Cali!

I'm so glad you could be a part of this special occasion. I couldn't wait to see what your contribution would be...I knew it would be fabulous!!! :)

love ya, Rhonda

onlymehere said...

Pearl, great job on the gifts! I've seen those pumpkin beds and they're so cute! Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad to make a new friend!

luvmy4sons said...

Wow. A baby girl! Congratulations to Heather! Such beautiful things you have there! So pretty! What a blessing you are! You have such a sweet endearing heart! Heather will think so too!

Jo - To a Pretty Life said...

The Cinderella crib is perfect! So cute.

Heidi Ann said...

Good Morning Pearl, I am meeting you for the first time & so happy I am!!...Your post for Heather was fabulous!!! That crib may be the most incredible bed ever!!!..& the chandelier?...Love it!....You simple outdid yourself!....I will be back to visit again!....Heidi XO

Deb said...

Hi Pearl, lovely gifts,you really went shopping. My favorite is the crib. Great post. Deb

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Pearl, Thanks for staying to clean up! Do you think we will ever get all this pink confetti up? Oh look, Heather left the cute pink car! Lucky me, I think'll take it for a spin! :) ~Rhonda

Heather said...

Oh my goodness! You ladies are killin' me with all of these precious goodies! I think ya'll have my style down pat! That crib and the wall sconces are AMAZING!! The playhouse and the little pink car.....oh I gotta have 'em! I love the ring (never seen one like that) and the baby tiara hat is simply adorable! She can match mommy!!
I have to tell you the little banner up at the top with the hopscotch board and hydrangeas is EXACTLY what I was trying to do for my banner! But I never figured out how to do it! That is AWESOME!
Thank You so much for participating in the shower. I am so moved by all of this I am having a hard time getting through all of the face is so red and puffy!!!!
I am so glad to have met you recently and hope to get to know you much better! You seem like such a doll!!
Love and God Bless,
Heather :)


Hi Pearl,
Thanks for visiting me:) Sorry to hear that you craft from bags. :( I have been meaning to leave a comment before, sorry it's taken me so long. I'm easily distracted. Have a good weekend. I'll be back. Warmly, Deb
That shower was awesome. Such beautiful "gifts" :)

Shelia said...

Hi Pearl! What a beautiful baby shower. I commented on it early this morning, but don't see it. Don't know what I did wrong. It's so lovely and I see the time you took to do this. Loved the bubble gum cigars! Yes, this was so sweet of Rhonda to do this.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Tracie~MPMaison said...

Golly gee Pearl,
I don't know Heather - guess I will have to go take a look. But sweet Pearl, when you do something, you do it big~
What lovelies you've got here for Heather and the baby.
Now tell me, can I get one of those carriage/cribs in big girl size, I'm only 5 feet so maybe I could fit.
What a fairy Godmother for you do this sweetie.
Happy weekend!


omygosh Pearl what beautiful, sweet and amazing ladies you all are to do something so wonderful like this for Heather. I have never 'met' Heather b4 but i shall pop by and say Hi and Congrats on her 'soon to be' bundle of joy.
How sweet you are Pearl, seriously i dont think i know anyone with a kinder soul than you.
Bless your cotton sox, i am sooooo soooo proud to call you my friend.

Much Love,
Shann xxxxx

Rue said...

Good morning Pearl :)

That was a beautiful post! I love that crib :)

I hope you are feeling okay today.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Pearl, Just stopping in on Monday Morning, to say Hi! Hope you had a good weekend! :)

Talk to you soon! :)
love ya, Rhonda

Feathering My Nest said...

Oh Pearl, That pink car is so cute. I am still slow at my blogging, but just wanted to stop in and say hello, and that I'm thinking about you. I got to go to my high school reunion and "Be" Cinderella. I got to go back and see friends and to wear new clothes, pretty jewelry, and new shoes. I got to go with a healthy body and pretty hair. I was thinking about you on my way as I drove, and prayed that you could feel that way too. I'm so sorry you are not well. I know this world is just temporary and not our real home. But, I was just wishing you could feel the way I did as I went to my class reunion. I pray that God would restore your health. You are a very dear and sweet person. Hugs, Kathi

Melinda Cornish said...

What beautiful baby girl stuff pictures! Melinda


Love the crib! I wonder if I could fit in the crib, I'd like it for myself LOL. What a sweet idea to have this shower. I had such a good time.