Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vintage Heat Wave...

Heat wave in New York.
July 6, 1911."Licking blocks of ice on a hot day."
When I saw this photo it made me more thankful for the things I have. I am certain that I would not have made a very good vintage gal... My Grandmother was 11 years old when this photo was taken!

Keep cool and God bless...

Until another time... Pearl


luvmy4sons said...

What a great picture! Such a good reminder too how often we romanticize the "olden days" but they were HARD and dirty, and smelly and...well...We sure do have it very easy in this age. But God placed us in THIS is not an accident. I am grateful. Loved the pic! Great stuff!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Pearl, I had to get myself together after reading your previous post on Alex's graduation! What a beautiful post! And you did put Alex a very special the depths of your heart, and it looks like that was just the place he needed to grow, thrive and blossom into a fine young man! :) Not where that crazy doctor suggested! Both of your boys are so handsome! And Alex has such a happy, friendly smile! And you ought not be one big ashamed of your picture! You are truly a beautiful person, inside and out! I am so proud of Alex and his awards! :)

Our internet, TV, and phone are down at home after a bad storm last night. I'm at the lake house now, on Ash's I don't know when I will be back in full capacity! I called the cable company to report it, and even their phone is down! That's not a good sign, huh? LOL! And thanks for inquiring about David! We went back Monday, and the doctor couldn't believe how well he is getting along! ...hardly any pain or discomfort! He left the "contraption" on, that he put his arm in after surgery. The x-rays Monday looked good. So, we will go back in 2 weeks for a normal cast or brace! He really buggered his little arm up pretty bad! But thanks to so many prayers, he is doing and mending well!

Your nephew's picture is precious! :)

Take care and talk with you soon!
love ya, Rhonda :)

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

oppss...meant one bit ashamed...not "bit!" and the compliment was for your great-nephew. He is too cute! Rhonda :)

Tracie said...

Hey Pearl,
What a wonderful picture - good old fun. Life was simple and sweet back then. I absolutely love this picture.

Oh, how I wish I could join them with this California heat, looks like their having quite some fun.

So nice you have this photo!

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

i love this photo! =) i have to have central air, or i'm not fit to live with - lol! debbie