Friday, July 11, 2008

Shade on the Beach...

As some of y'all might know, part of my background includes Advertising and Art. One of things I enjoy is searching for and collecting Vintage Advertising. Most of my collection is online, and I really do get a kick out of sharing with others. This beautiful artwork is from 1952. It's an ad for Cosmetan Calobar Sunglasses. I adore the beach scenes and the brilliant colors used. My favorite pair of shades are the ones on the bottom right. They're just so "Retro" and fun looking! I'd love to have a pair of them! It's just one more way to find "Shade on the Beach"!

I hope everyone has a fun-filled weekend... God bless...

Until another time... Pearl


Tracie said...

Hi Pearl,
Gee (I mean Gosh!) you can't get rid of me, can you?

I love all the shades, but the bottom ones are my favorite too!

I hope you have a nice weekend and I want to thank you for zipping around with me in the vintage mobile shopping with me today, Suzy had a blast thanks to you too!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Pearl, Love your vintage sun~shades! We certainly need them right now, in this summer heat! And the Kool-aid post was so neat! Loved all of the vintage ads, they really took me back in time! I grew up on Kool-aid! I had a friend, that was real fancy and uppity, and they mixed two flavors together to make their's special! LOLOL! I look forward to VBS at church, because we still always have Kool-aid. I know I can make it at home, but there is just something "wonderfully satisfying" about drinking it from a styrofoam cup, paired with cheap butter cookies...the ones that look like little flowers and have the hole in middle! I guess it takes me back to a simpler childhood! :) Hope you are having a good weekend!

Hugs, Rhonda :)

Deb said...

Hi Pearl, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, I really need them. I love the shades and the ads. Most of all the Kool-aid, I thought I was the only one hooked on it. Deb

The W.O.W. factor said...

I love the sunglasses, but I love the Ads more! They were true Artists back then!

luvmy4sons said...

I love all your vintage pics! And those shades. Have a great weekend!

Tracie said...

Good morning Pearl,
I love your new banner, maybe it was up yesterday and I missed it in my haste? Anyway, the picture the fonts are so glamorous, I love that time and the look!

Just wanted to let you know,
I've thrown a huge down pillow in the backseat for you ;)

Happy day sweets,