Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Can WIN...

Just a reminder about the upcoming UnBirthday Party and Give~Away! Here are the photos of what will be in the Give~Away for the Lucky Party Guest! Everyone is invited and if you missed the first post about this, just click here to get the details!

Alice sure did grab a strange assortment of goodies for the Give~Away as she tumbled down the Rabbit's Hole, didn't she?!

That sweet lil piece of Vintage Embroidery got snagged a lil bit on the fall... but I bet some creative soul could use it in a crafting~masterpiece! I'm loving the Enamelware Soap Bowl...

Mmmmmmmmm... I see Strawberry filled Wafer Rolls! And how amazing that Alice was able to catch that teeny~tiny Tea Cup and Saucer with the sweet roses on it!

Who doesn't like Hearts and Violets?!

And a tiny Watering Can with a Vintage-looking label.

Ooooooo... Sheet Music and Chandeliers! Oh, wait, not Real Chandeliers... dang it! They just are pretty Pink and Blue Note Cards with Chandeliers on the front!

I hear that Barbara Johnson writes some good Christian Inspirational stories with Humor! I have not had a chance to read any of her books myself. Looks like Alice grabbed an old copy of a Kiwanis Song Book!

Ooooooo... it sure is OLD... LOL! I hope that y'all will be able to join in the FUN this Friday and get a chance to win this odd assorment of Wonderland Goodies! God bless...

Until another time... Pearl

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby Shower...

By now I'm suspecting that many of you fine blogging ladies have heard that we are about to welcome a new member to our blog-world! That's right... a new baby girl is just about ready to make her grand entrance into the world! Where is all of this excitement taking place? Ohhh... just down the road and to the left at...

Yep... Heather, at Hopscotch and Hydrangeas, is expecting her sweet lil girl, Cali, to arrive within a few weeks. Rhonda, from Scooterblu's Whimsy, is hosting a Baby Shower for Heather and Cali on Friday, July 25th! That is just like Rhonda, to do something sweet and fun for a friend! I just know it's going to be the best Baby Shower that the virtual world has ever seen... so, please come along and join us as we celebrate!
~please remember to click on each graphic to enlarge~

Baby Calista Kay will be welcomed home by her Big Brother Kyle and her Big Sister Bella! What fun they will have together as they embark on the journey of life!

Heather, I thought that perhaps you and your Husband would enjoy passing out Pink Bubble Gum Cigars to all of your friends and family!

And, I thought that Kyle and Bella would enjoy this...

Though we've just recently met, Heather, I am so honored to be a guest at your Baby Shower! You're a wonderful woman and I look forward to getting to know you better... I hope you'll enjoy your gifts... I had so much fun shopping for you and baby Cali!

Here's a ring to slip onto your finger with a special message inside.

I have no idea how many folks are going to be showing up, so I thought it would be a fun thing to have an extra cake! You don't mind, do you, Rhonda?! I bet we won't have any trouble figuring out what to do with any left-overs! Yummies!!

Check out these neat hand-print tins that I found! You can make a newborn print and then two more as Cali grows.

Look at this awesome Gold Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Crib! Isn't it beautiful?! Notice the green vines and leaves gently wrapping their way towards the Gold Crown at the top! Unortunately, when I tried to purchase this, I was told they were sold out... Sadness...

But I did find this pretty wall sconce for the nursery. I ordered several of them!

Even though they told me they were sold out of the Gold Crib, I didn't give up! You don't think Cali will mind that I got her a White Pumpkin Carriage Crib, do you, Heather?! I added a Chandelier and some gorgeous bedding to go with the crib. Also a mobile and a birdhouse lamp. Ohhh... and a chair with a sweet lil footstool, too!

Every lil girl needs her own Tiara to wear in her enchanting Princess nursery!

When Cali gets old enough, I thought that she and Bella might enjoy this Pink Playhouse!

And what good is a Pink Playhouse unless the lil Princess has her very own "Pretty in Pink" Car parked in the driveway?! What FUN!

Heather, may God bless baby Cali and your entire family as this new chapter in your lives opens. I had fun at your Baby Shower and hope you did too! ~tucking some carefully wrapped cake into my purse before heading home~
God bless...

Until another time... Pearl

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

... though I walk ...

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me.
~ Psalm 23:4 ~

~ Artist Frank Pape ~

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ooooh... La... Laa...

I was the lucky winner, July 13th, at Vintage Girl At Heart's blog! Sharon was having a Give~Away and the prize was the newest edition of the lovely magazine... Romantic Homes!

It arrived today! See?! I was so excited, and rightly so! Just look at the pretty cover...

I don't subscribe to this, nor do I purchase it on a regular basis, so this was a true treat for me! Not to mention that I rarely win anything, anywhere!

Look at this cute kitchen!

And how about this adorable dining room? I have a round table, too, but it's brown and dreary... Hmmmm... if only I had a bench seat and a can of white paint...

Wouldn't it be nice to sit down at this table and have some of those pretty lil finger sandwiches?! Hey! I see a lil sign pointing the way to the Beach! YAY!!

Check out this neat eating nook in this kitchen! Isn't it fun looking?! I love it! Thanks for such a terrific Give~Away prize, Sharon! If y'all haven't been to visit, you should, her blog is sweet!

God bless...

Until another time... Pearl

As It Was In 1896...

I'd like to welcome everyone to join me on a walk through history. I've dug up some interesting facts and some images of magazine and newspaper advertising from 1896. I'm always facinated by the art work and the wording of these old ads! Just click an image to enlarge.

1896 was a Leap Year.

Utah becomes the 45th state.

First X-Ray picture is taken.

The opera La bohème premieres.

Opening ceremonies of the 1896 Summer Olympics, the first modern Olympic Games.

The United States presidential election of November 3, 1896 saw Republican William McKinley defeat Democrat William Jennings Bryan in a campaign considered by historians to be one of the most dramatic in American history.

The costliest and third deadliest tornado in U.S. history levels a mile wide swath of downtown St. Louis, Missouri, incurring $2.9 billion (1997 USD) in normalized damages, killing more than 255 and injuring over 1,000 people.

Earthquake and Tsunami in Sanriku, Japan, kills 27,000.

John Philip Sousa composes magnum opus, "Stars and Stripes Forever" on Christmas Day.

Formation of the New York Telephone Company.

January 20 - George Burns, American comedian (d. 1996)
September 24 - F. Scott Fitzgerald, American writer (d. 1940)
November 14 - Mamie Eisenhower, First Lady of the United States (d. 1979)
December 6 - Ira Gershwin, American lyricist (d. 1983)
Thank you for walking with me through a bit of history... I hope you enjoyed it! And, please don't forget to make plans to join us for an UnBirthday Party and Give~Away! See you soon... God bless...

Until another time...

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Party & Give~Away...

Who can say "No" to a Party and a Give~Away?!
Hopefully not many of you! As I was preparing things for a post about my love of Alice In Wonderland, I kept singing the UnBirthday song. Then I got a notion for a party, of course! And, since we ALL have UnBirthday's this year... well... what choice did I have, other than to throw a lil party!

"Now statistics prove that you've one birthday, Imagine just one Birthday every year Ah, but there are 364 UnBirthdays, Precisely why we're gathered here to cheer..."

I'd love to have you join in on the FUN, and please invite as many friends as you want... spread the word and toss confetti! Everyone is welcomed... new and old alike! I'd love for you to wear your best party attire... if you desire, come dressed as your favorite character from Wonderland! Please bring an UnBirthday gift to place on the gift table for exchanging with your fellow party friends! Ohhh... if you feel so inclined, I wouldn't turn away pretty tea~pots and cups for the celebration... perhaps you'd like to bring a cake or snack that you're especially fond of and the recipe to share! Wouldn't it be fun to hear everyone's stories about their memories of first reading about Alice, or having Wonderland read to them? Or maybe you have sweet recollections of sharing this classic book with a special child in your life that you'd be glad to tell. And, I'd be extremely tickled if you would share some photos of your own birthday celebrations!! The possiblities are endless when it comes to being in Wonderland!

For those of you that attend and leave a post linking to your blog on Friday, August 1, 2008, I'll be placing your name in the hat for a chance to win the UnBirthday Give~Away! This gives everyone plenty of time to make their plans, dig out their best party clothes, shop for a gift, and hopefully find some great pictures, stories or recipes to bring! The Give~Away will have a lil of this 'n that... things that Alice grabbed along the way as she tumbled down the Rabbit's Hole! Vintage Sheet Music, Vintage Embroidery, Rose China, etc. I'll soon post a photo of some of the goodies to be won! I'll draw a name and announce the winner on Saturday, August 9th. In the meantime, please mark your calendars and let your friends know, too! I'd love it if you'd like to take the Rabbit and his announcement to use on your own blogs! I'm so excited about this and hope that you are too...

So, select your favorite crown and start dreaming of Wonderland... God bless...
Until another time... Pearl


I doubt that there's anyone reading this that hasn't at least heard of the totally enchanting classic children's book written by Lewis Carroll... Through the Looking Glass (1865). The amazing dream that Alice had, taking her on the most incredible trip through Wonderland, has always been at the top of my favorites list.

I loved listening to my Mom read Alice's adventures to me as I leaned against her so I could see the pictures. The original Artist of Alice In Wonderland was Sir John Tenniel. The seemingly flawless wood-engraving prints of the illustrations were done by an Artist named Dalziel.

Though I have high regard and respect for Disney, I still have the greatest fondness for original art. Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh are tops! To me, nothing is better than the first art ever created for those stories! I hope you'll enjoy some of these pictures from Alice's adventures as much as I do...

And please check back for the announcement of my first Give~Away!

Hmmmm... and a Party, too!

Ok, that covers it, I think!

God bless...

Until another time... Pearl