Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kool-Aid Confessions...

...and I'm a Kool-Aid addict.
I believe my addiction began in the late 50's. I shall blame it upon my Parents. I feel that is only fair, since at the time, I was certainly too young to make any valid, valued or otherwise important decisions regarding my life. My Mom never seemed to have even a hint of shame in her voice when she so proudly would tell one of her many stories of my childhood... specifically the ones of bottle-feeding me Kool-Aid. Apparently Grape was my favored flavor, and even to this day it remains in the Top-3 of my favorites.
Now, for those of you who ~gasped in horror~ at my confession of having been bottle-fed one of America's most popular beverage, I must say this in defense of my precious Mom. Pardon me? Oh, you didn't know I could hear you gasping? I did. I also saw you shaking your head in disbelief. It's ok, really... I truly do understand. I did the same thing, actually, the first time I learned of this. But, I digress. Mom was only giving me "a taste" because she thought I shouldn't be left out of such a refreshing drink as my Sister and Brother were sipping their Kool-Aid through paper straws one blistering Summer afternoon. She assured me, over the years, that it was only "a taste" each time the treasured Kool-Aid-filled "small" bottle neared my lips. Such a good soul she was. God bless her heart, she was a wonderful "Kool-Aid Mom"!

Not only am I a confessed addict, I am also a "Kool-Aid Mom". I have a Kool-Aid Tin in the kitchen with pictures of Vintage Advertising on it. Yes, it holds those magical packages! Fortunately, for my Husband, I haven't been compelled to collect Kool-Aid items. However, I would not turn my back on a smiley-face pitcher and matching mugs. I admit to looking at them, many times, on eBay. But to this date, I still have not
purchased a set.

I decided it was time to do some research into this fascinating powdered beverage mix. Kool-Aid was "invented" in 1927 in Hastings, Nebraska by a gentleman named Edwin Perkins. God bless his heart, too, please. He had created a liquid drink that he called Fruit Smack. Difficulties were abundant in his attempts at marketing this drink since the glass bottles often broke in transit and the cost of shipping was high. His motivation to solve this problem led him to figure out how to remove the water, leaving those powdered granules. There were six original flavors; Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Grape, Orange and Raspberry. Now, 81 years later, Kraft Foods owns Kool-Aid, with over 70 flavors being sold in the USA. Worldwide, each year, over 500 million gallons of Kool-Aid are consumed by children, adults, addicts, and I strongly suspect by babies, as well. Oh My!!

As I'm certain many of you know, there are quite a few ways to enjoy Kool-Aid, other than just a tall ice cold glass of it. Remember pouring your favorite flavor into paper cups and sticking them into Mom's freezer... then just before they are totally frozen, sticking popcicle sticks into the cups and waiting til the next day to tear into them?!

One beautiful option is this 1963 drink, called

1 1 oz. pkg. ea. Orange, Lemon-Lime, Cherry Kool-Aid
Sugar ~ Water
Chilled 7-Up or your favorite lemon-lime soda
Mix up each Kool-aid per package instructions.
Pour into ice cube trays.
Once frozen, mix-up the ice cubes into
clear glasses and a large clear glass pitcher.
Fill glasses and pitcher with chilled 7-Up.
A nice variation is to make an extra pitcher of Lemon-Lime and mix equal parts of it with your chilled soda before pouring over ice.
Kool-Aid is also used for flavoring and coloring cakes and frostings. Here is a peek inside of this Cook-booklette from 1976.

You can also use it for temporary hair coloring and many people dye yarns and fabrics with Kool-Aid. A Google search will lead you down the Kool-Aid path of your choice! Having done that myself, I came upon a rather unique and stomach-churning way that alot of folks are apparently enjoying doing with their Kool-Aid. I can't say that I've seen or heard of this before... and I most certainly did not try this before writing this post.
And... nope, no way am I going to try it, either.
That is my final answer on it...
so, with that being said... I present to you...

~cringing at the mere thought of chomping down on one of those~ I debated including the "recipe" for these "Koockles" and decided if someone wanted to try them bad enough, they could Google it themselves. Sorry to be so "anti-Koockle".

Well my friends, it's time for me to take a lil break here and lounge back in my bed with a tall ice cold glass of Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid. I'll be sure to raise my glass in thanks to Mr. Perkins as well as to my sweet angel Mom! Can't think of a more fun addiction to have!

~cheers~ and God bless...

Until another time... Pearl


luvmy4sons said...

I love the old pictures and the "factoids" you dig up! I drank a lot of Kool-Aid in my day as a child too! But for some reason my kids have not! Still, I loved the pics and the story! Hugs to you!

Rue said...

What a fun post!! I haven't drank it in years, but my kids LOVE it :)

I about spit my soda pop when I read about the Koockle .... Yikes!

Thank you for the trip down memory lane sweetie!


another day in paradise said...

I have a big cool-aid stain on the goregous oriental rug we got when we moved into our first house. My eldest was drinking it from a sippy. Great research yields great results.

Tracie said...

Oh Pearl,
This is a fun one and makes my heart happy.
I love the old ads (especially the one saying I'm picking up Dad), so heart warming ;)
I want to try the Tutti-Fruity Sparkler - maybe for Labor Day. I'm going to write down the recipe! I don't have any interest in trying the Koockle, but never say never...
I haven't had my Kool-Aid yet, it's on my grocery list for today. It's still so hot here, so I'm definitely having some with lots of ice this afternoon.
Hey, Glenda at Many Fond Memories is having a Hen Party tomorrow and Kool-Aid would be a wonderful thing for you to bring for a refreshment (if you're interested).
Hope you're enjoying your Lemon Lime Kool-Aid and taking it easy sweets.
Hmm, now I'll be thinking of the sparkler all day... I think I better get some ice cube trays.

Connie said...

I must confess that I, too, was a Kool-Aid addict until it started attaching itself direcdtly to my hips, sweet pearl!! But it definitely is a staple at our house, just made with equal now....
Connie :-)

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Kool Aid pickles I can definitely live without!! But that punch drink sounds SO refreshing for a hot, hot day, gotta try that!

Raspberry remains my favorite.

Tracie said...

Hey Pearl,
I got my Kool-Aid. My hubbie picked it up on the way home. Sorry, but it's black cherry and cherry. Hope you like those too ;)
Happy night!
PS - I'll take care of that lovely business you gave me next week - didn't want you to think I forgot about it.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Hi Pearl! Out catching up on my late nite 'visiting'. I LOVE this! Oh the memories! Kool-Aid stands, frozen on a stick, and even dumping it in bags mixed with sugar and lick it out with the fingers...oh many stained fingers and tongues...(got more for our buck than with them Pixie Stix LOL ) Lemon Lime was AND still is my fav! I always have some in the frig in the summer time...with the kids being grown and gone even!
Great Post! (except for them pickles Blahk!)
Have a great weekend!

Melinda Cornish said...

I loved grape kool aid as a kid and I remember saving the packages and sending them in to get the pitcher with the kool aid face and the little cups...just seeing a picture on your blog of the pitcher, brings back great memories! I still love grape kool aid too! Yum! Melinda


PHOOEY we dont have Kool Aid here. Actually im not sure we have anything like it...let me think...umm we have 'tang' but thats ghastly...umm New Zealand have 'Rarro' my hubby loves it (he's from NZ). I need some Kool Aid !LOL. Sounds like it would be nice for summer. Oh and sweetpea i did not gasp at all *smiles* i laughed my head off !
I think your mum sounded KOOL *wink*

Oh ok i may not have Kool Aid but i have Milo now thats GOOD !

Super fun post sweetpea!

Love Ya Lots

p.s Sams birthday was awesome, thanks for the wishes :)