Monday, June 23, 2008

Sky Blue Memories...

This pretty sky blue necklace, bracelet and earring set belonged to my Mom. She loved jewelry... costume or the real deal, she just loved it all. She told me that there were times when she'd buy a set similar to this, knowing full well that she didn't have anything to wear them with. Other times she would be on the hunt for just the right piece(s) for an existing outfit.

She wasn't June Cleaver, dusting and cooking in a nice dress and pearls, but if she went out of the house, you can be sure she looked her best. And she always, alwayssss had to have lipstick on! It just tickled me. During church, when I would get all squirmie on the pew, she'd slip off whatever bracelet she had on and quietly put it on me with a lil smile. Sometimes she would even slip off one of her rings and slide it on my finger! Those were special days for me. And, no, she never took off her engagement ring.

My Mom always wore clip-on earrings. She had an Aunt, my Great-Aunt Estelle, who was kinda "prissy", and she wore the same type of earrings, but she called them "ear-bobs"! When I was 16, Mom slipped me some money and quietly told me I could get my ears pierced, but to not let Daddy know, since he disliked pierced ears. It was the only time in their marriage of 48 years that she ever went against Daddy on anything. Other than the scolding we got when he found out... Daddy died without ever saying a word to either of us about it again.

Before Mom passed away, she gave alot of her jewelry to me and my Sister. Later, as we cleaned her home in order to sell it, we ended up dividing the rest of Mom's collection. Almost everything else was boxed up and is, to this day, stored in my attic. I'll try to get a post up, soon, with some of the rings I have. Thanks for visiting and God bless...

Until another time... Pearl


Rue said...

Good morning Pearl :)

That was a very sweet story. I love your mom's jewelry. Beautiful blue :)

Not a fan of golf, huh? LOL Me neither, but I play so that I can spend time with Rich. I'm funny that way ;)

Have a beautiful day sweet friend.

Feathering My Nest said...

Pearl, What a loving tribute to your mother. She was so sweet to you. I love hearing the details of how she let you wear her jewelry in church. Your daddy sounds like he cherished you too. I won't be able to comment much this week. I really enjoy your blog, and want to read it, so just to let you know, I will be back many times soon. Hugs, Kathi

Deb said...

Hi Pearl, that's a lovely set,I love blue. I remember earrings being called ear bobs too. Isn't it funny how those memories can come back to play. I look forward to seeing your mom's lovely jewelry, I'm sure she had some wonderful pieces. Thanks for visiting me today and for your kind words. Your friend, Deb

Sharon said...

What a fabo set! I love it! I pick up necklaces very similar when I come across them at yard sales. How very special that you have your mother's. I love your stories about your mother, she sounds wonderful! I'm sorry that she died, you must miss her so much.

Hugs, Sharon