Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Parasol & Paper Swap...

YAY! I finally was able to get my swap partner's package mailed! That's right, Ladies... I've completed my first swap in Blogland and it feels great! Hosting the Parasol & Paper Swap was the lovely Shann, of Paint Mine Pink. And my sweet swap partner was Rhonda, of Scooterblu's Whimsy!

After I signed up for the swap... my first one, as well as Rhonda's first... I began one of my seek & find missions! One of the gifts I gave to Rhonda was a post of Vintage ladies and their wonderful parasols... you can see them here!

It was so much fun to hunt for parasol and paper treasures... doing so just made me giddy with excitement, wondering the entire time how Rhonda would react to the items I was picking up here 'n there. We were getting to know each other better with each new email or post or comments left! She is such an incredible woman who is busy with the business of Life. The love she holds for her family and friends is deep and true, as is her love and devotion to our Lord. She's become so very special to me, always cheering me on during my down times... always making me smile and laugh with her terrific sense of humor!

I knew when my package from her arrived that I was not going to be disappointed and I was right! See? It arrived!!

After some careful slicing action with Alan's pocket knife... I had it opened! I do have a question, though... not at all related to this swap... but I was wondering why pocket knives are even given that name... since the 5 or so that Alan owns are never in his pocket! I tried asking him, but did not get an answer... just a lil mumble as he headed up the stairs to go to sleep!

Isn't this just beautiful? So many colorful gifts and all tucked sweetly into this pretty floral basket and tied up with a big bow! Also tucked inside was a packet of flower seeds, just like the pretty ones on the basket... they are called "Pink Parasol" How neat is that?!

Look at all of my new treasures from Rhonda! I Love them all so much!! Y'all are going to have to believe me when I tell you that they were wrapped so nicely, with colorful ribbons. Yes... I confess and will live with my guilt... I was so excited to get something in the mail, that I just went at things like a kid on Christmas morning! Please forgive me for not taking the time to photograph things before opening them...

I got hummingbird guest towels made of paper! Tissue paper with Pink and with Dragonflies... my favorite bug! And that stunning Monet painting of the Lady with Parasol is a Mousepad!

Pretty note-cards and a beautiful umbrella! Ohh thanks, Rhonda... my old umbrella was black and near death... so my new one is a true breath of fresh air for me! A circle cake of home-made soap and a very unique wall paper border with Paris scenes.

Beautiful writing paper with matching envelopes and seals! And check out the monogrammed note card Rhonda used to send along sweet words to me!

Isn't this just "Royal" looking?! So elegant and it reminded me alot of her new monogrammed window treatments! Don't y'all agree?

Here's a close-up of the stunning Pink parasol scarf I got! I know you were noticing it in the earlier photos and perhaps even having a lil twinge of jealousy?! ~LOL~ Just teasing y'all some! This scarf is simply wonderful... I love how silky it feels against my skin and I cannot wait to wear it!

And here is a close-up of my most favorite treasure from Rhonda... she remembered that I was collecting bird figurines! This precious bird vase is from her own collection and one that she's had since before she was married... how very special and honored I feel to have been given this wonderful gift.

Rhonda, thank you so very much for everything! I loved it all and couldn't have asked for a better swap partner or Friend ~smile~

I hope that everyone will be as pleased and blessed with their swap experience as I have been. God bless...

Until another time... Pearl


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Connie said...

How in the world did you go from Paula to Pearl?!?! Cute! I'm so glad you joined the Blog Giveaway, sweetpea! Glad to have a new friend! I'm adding you to my Google Reader and links on my blog so we can keep in touch.

Ooooh, love Jack Vettriano paintings and the ostrich parasol! He has a certain style reminiscent of Benson, doesn't he???

Join us on our lovely, witty, humorous and funny journey through my life in Idaho or Ideeeeho!! You'll not be disappointed in reading my blog. I can promise you that, chickadee!!


Deb said...

Pearl it's warms my heart to know that two of my favorite people were paired together to share each other's warmth. Rhonda is quite special to me, I felt a spiritual connection to her right away. When I found the lump in my breast, knowing that she was part of a prayer group and godly woman I petitioned her and her group to pray for me. She and they did without hesitation. Take care Pearl, I know you've been having some down time, but now I have my blog list set up where I know when you've posted. I'll be seeing you soon. Deb

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Pearl,
Just dropping in to say Hi and that I'm thinking about you today. I hope that you have had a good day and that your weekend is restful.