Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Peek At My Bookcase...

Welcome to my bookcase across the hall from my basement door. I thought I'd share a few of the porcelain hinged boxes from my collection.

That cutie pie in the frame is my oldest son, Tyler, when he was just a munchkin!

See those orange books? That is the other part of my post. The old worn-out Handy Man books above them belong to Alan. I pretty much stay out of those!

That set of World Book Encyclopedia's is old, too. My folks got them when my Sister was in High School. She graduated in 1969! The jug is one of many pieces of Stoneware from Alan's Mom's home.

And there is my other cutie pie, Alex! I love keeping framed family photos tucked around the house.

My Sister, Brother and I were so blessed as children. Life was carefree and filled with love and laughter. One thing we all enjoyed was reading time. Mom would gather us around and read out-loud to us. Sometimes as a group, other times just individually. We had quite a library that included Dr. Seuss, A.A. Milne & his Winnie the Pooh stories to name a few. One of my favorites was the Childcraft Child's Treasury. It was 15 Volumes filled with poetry and short stories. The art within those pages was breathtaking. My favorite of all the volumes was number 1 ~ Poems of Early Childhood. I'd love to have you join me as I re-visit this enchanting part of my childhood.

I think these Bo-Peep pages were possibly the beginning of my love~affair with Pink and Blues!

Although I liked the Animal Cracker poem, it was really this illustration that caught my eye. I loved everything about it... the curled up kitty, the soft colors, the little doll that sat in awe, just as I did, at how the lil girl could get those animal crackers to stand upright for her!

The beginning of the love~affair with the Beach!

How teeny tiny and precious! And so a passion for small things and fairies was born.

One of my favorite illustrations... love the big fat snowflakes!

I love this funny poem and the neat illustrations with it! But, truly, this was my Brother's favorite, and most likely still is!

Ohhh... how I would dream to be a lil fairy or pixie and live in a tree hollow with a tiny bed like that one!

And, of course, I would dream alot about that Pink coat with the white fur trim... and how it would look so much nicer on me, as a fairy, than on that big old toad!

Mom would always save The Sugar Plum Tree for last when reading at night.

It ended with the following...

So come, little child, cuddle closer to me
In your dainty white nightcap and gown,
And I'll rock you away to that Sugar Plum Tree
In the garden of Shut-Eye Town.

~Eugene Field~

Thank you for visiting with me as I flipped through one of my favorite childhood books. Please come back anytime... God Bless...

Until another time... Pearl


luvmy4sons said...

My mom would read Winnie the Pooh books aloud to us. It was one of my favorites. Your book shelf looks lovely! A great book!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sweetie,
I just love old childrens books. They just don't make them like that anymore. I have started buying old books at garage sales to start a grandmother's book basket (even though I am not a grandmother yet, soon hopefully). I hope you are having a blessed Sunday and I will talk to you soon. Thanks for stopping by. It always makes me smile when I see you have popped in.


Connie said...

Pearrrrrrrrllllllllll?!?!?! Is that a "PINK FLAMINGO" I see in the 5th photo down, my little cosmos??????? Squeeeeeallllling with delight!! I have 2 of them just for some kitsch around the house! It's an inside joke with me and my daughter. When she first met her hubby he was living in a house with 2 other guys in San Jose and they had a typical bachelor house PLUS they had PINK FLAMINGOS in the front yard. She told him the pink flamingos had to GO. They WENT!! But it's a laugh every time we see them somewhere, sweetpea!
Smoochies and pink flamingo laughs,

Rue said...

Good morning Pearl :)

I loved story time with you. I think we had that book. It looks very familiar anyway :)

My favorite books besides Dr. Seuss, were the all about me books. My grandfather bought them for me and the author would put you in the story. Very clever ;)

I hope you are having a beautiful day sweetie.


Deb said...

I Pearl, another great post, I love your collection. I don't think I've ever seen a lot of hinged boxes before. I never would have dream that a person could have so many, they were really nice. It's great that your mom read stories to you all. That must have been wonderful as a child. I got too tickled about the pink coat with the white fur. I hope you had a great today and I wish you peaceful tonight. Goodnight Pearl, pleasant dreams. Deb

Tracie said...

Hi Pearl!
This book so much reminds me of my favorite when I was a child - mine was The Tall Book of Make Believe - have you heard of that one? It also has the Lollypop Tree in it. I'll have to remember to pull it out tomorrow and take a look - even the fonts you show look the same to me. I loved when my Dad would read me a poem about the mermaid. Thank you for bringing back a precious memory!
(I'm still working on that tag...;)