Sunday, June 8, 2008

Parasols ~ A History of Fashion...

Many of you lovely ladies signed up and are participating in the Parasol & Paper Swap, hosted by Shann at Paint Mine Pink. I was blessed with having Rhonda at Scooterblu's Whimsy for my Swap Partner. She is beyond precious and if y'all haven't had the pleasure of meeting her, you should make some time to go over for a visit... and the same goes for sweet Shann, our gracious hostess!

As part of my swap with Rhonda, I thought it would be fun and interesting to take a lil walk down the memory lane of history. Certainly I do not claim to be an expert; far from it, actually... but I was able to find a few entertaining photographs to show a bit of Fashion History of Parasols. I hope everyone enjoys their time here, and perhaps will even find a photo that makes you want to close your eyes for awhile and dream of what it must have been like.......

This lady sure does seem to be happy to have her picture taken!

Hmmm.... not so sure of the happiness level of this woman!

And just a hint of smile from these two! Notice both of them holding gloves. Is it just me, or does that look like the tip of a parasol on the lower right of the photo? I'm wondering if they were in a studio for this portrait, or if the photographer was at the home of this interesting couple.

This woman seems to be relaxed and at peace. This photo was one of the few that were dated ~ taken in 1910. I wonder where she was and what she was thinking about.

Check out the big hat she's wearing!

Ahhh... another big hat! I just love that there's a tassel on the handle of her parasol.

Do you suppose she was dressed to attend a wedding? Her parasol is trimmed with lace.

Being the beach~lover that I am, I just adore this photo! And I would love to own the parasol she's holding... would love to have her body, too, while I'm dreaming & wishing!

Another fun beach photo! Notice the Pink sky?!?!

This studio beach picture tickles me to no end! No beach I've ever been to or lived at have had women lounging with fancy heels on! From the looks of those waves, she's about to be wiped out, too! Any comments on her red hat? Makes me think of Jughead from the Archie comics! And, again, I would love to have this gal's parasol as well.

Of all of the parasol photos I sifted through, this was my favorite one. It's so soft and romantic and has that magical way of taking the viewer into another place in their minds... Very enchanting! I am going to use this in a new header, I think!

I really wish these had come with dates.... oh well. The only info with this was "French Fashion"

An amusing Post Card.

Here we are... up to modern day fashions, so to speak. This unique Bride holds a parasol trimmed with ostrich feathers!

Red Heart beads trim this one.

This pretty Bride's parasol is trimmed with faux pearls.

The Bride in this peaceful garden photo is holding a parasol trimmed with silk gardenia's.

A monogrammed Bridal parasol.

Message parasols are becoming popular for weddings and other social events.

A sweet junior bridesmaid with another monogrammed parasol. So Pretty!!

Thank you all for visiting and a special thank you to Shann for hosting this fun Swap!

Rhonda... I do hope you enjoyed this beginning to the swap... there's much more to come!

God bless.

Until another time... Pearl


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Pearl, I'm blushing from your gracious comments! You are just too sweet! I loved the photographs you posted, each one of them was fascinating! I just can't pick a favorite! "smiles" Great post!

Hope your health is improving! You've been in my thoughts and prayers! ;)

Hugs, Rhonda

Sharon said...

What wonderful pictures you found! I love the old victorian ladies! Thank you for visiting my blog! You have a very cute blog. I think it's okay to cut up the hymnals and Bibles to use as tags as long as they are done in a tasteful way. I'm glad you liked my treasures. I am still thinking abuot how I'll do Treasure Tuesdays.

Have a great evening!

:0) Sharon

luvmy4sons said...

Thanks or stopping by my blog. Interesting pictures about parasols. I often think it would be fun to go back to the days where men and women wore hats and women gloves and carried parasols!


hey sweetie,
You are just too gorgeous for words! Im so wrapt that you have gotten involved in this swap so much...and i knew you and Rhonda would be perfect partners.
These pics are so gorgeous. Love the cranky lady in the second pic, boy that had me laughing, i wouldnt be smiling if i were her either (for obvious resons),LOL.

Hope you are feeling ok chickie,
Chat soon,
Love Shann xo

Deb said...

Lovely post Pearl, just as lovely as yourself. You always rise for the occasion, I hope you're feeling better these days. Deb

Rue said...

Hi sweet Pearl :)

I'm so sorry it took so long to get over to see you. I missed you so!

I loved all the pretty pics. Can I sign up for that girl's bady too?? ;)