Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Cleaning?!

Just another way of looking at Spring cleaning


Rue said...

I love this!! LOL

Have a great day,
rue :)

Donna O'Brien said...

HA! That is VERY funny and laugh I did. It works even better because of her June Cleaver "look".
And happy BD Lilac girl!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I am in the process of spring cleaning, purging, you name it. My annual home decor yard sale is this Thurs and Fri, it is so much work but I am so happy to be getting rid of stuff, I just have too much.

LeAnn :)

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

now that's MY kind of spring cleaning... lol! =) debbie

Edgar and Edgar said...

Love it!!!!!

Jaderocks said...

That is too cute. Just to let you know I checked yesterday and there are buds on my lilacs I'll take a picture when they open. I can't wait.

purplepaint said...

LOL! Well if it's wrong then I am so bad!!! Too funny! Love your blog! I was out Treasure Hunting yesterday too! :) Marva