Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some Thrifting Goodies...

Hello Sweet Ladies of Blogland...
So glad you stopped by...
I have lots of Goodies to show you
that I got while Thrifting a lil bit today...

Everything you see on the desk
is what I hauled home today...
with the exception of the embroidered runner.

Not sure what to do with all of it,
but I know there's something good hidden in there!
I am especially fond of the ceramic planters...
and the pink floral fan~shaped dish.

I also am loving on the white candle holders
hanging on the wall... now I need some pink candles...

Any suggestions on the three ornate gold frames?
The back is marked Made in Italy, and the florals
are fabric with padding underneath...
I'd be grateful for any ideas for them!

I think I got really, really good deals...

Milk Glass Open Lace Pedestal Compote ~ $4
Ceramic Yellow Star Light Switch Cover ~ 50 cents
Ceramic Egg with Lilacs ~ 50 cents
Ceramic Egg with Flowers ~ 50 cents
Ceramic Chick Figurine ~ $1
Ceramic Chick Planter ~ $1
Ceramic Lamb Planter ~ $1
Ceramic Swan Planter Lg. ~ $1
Ceramic Swan Planter Sm. ~ $1
Ceramic Fan Dish w/Flowers ~ 50 cents
Ceramic Yellow Bucket ~ 50 cents
Metal Green Bucket ~ 25 cents
Stuffed Hanging Hearts (2) ~ 25 cents
Twisted Wire Wall Sconce Candle Holders;
White (2) ~ 50 cents (ea.) ~ $1.00
White Satin Basket w/Pearls + Roses ~ $1.00
Small Black Tray w/Roses ~ 25 cents
Gold Ornate Oval Frames, 1 Lg., 2 Sm. ~ $1.00
Sewing Box w/Lid, Green Florals ~ 50 cents
Small Blue Jay Bird ~ 25 cents
Books, 6 ~ 25 cents ea. ~ $1.50
Small Round Hat Box w/Florals ~ 50 cents
Wooden Bunny ~ 25 cents
Painted Eggs (2) ~ 25 cents ea.

If my math is correct, the total for all = $18.50

Thanks for stopping by and please come again!
I would love, love, love to see & hear about
your wonderful Thrifting Finds!

Until another time... Pearl


Melinda Cornish said...

It looks like you had a good time! Your blog looks great! I still dont know how to make a banner and I see you do...How do I learn? I wish I had more time to do some thrifting though I try to hit yard sales in the summertime. All those treasures out there!!! Melinda

teacupsandpoodles said...

Hi Pearl,
Your blog is so nice! I enjoyed reading it all and will be stopping in frequently! It is so fun to go thrifting and you did so good on your last trip! I loved reading all about the lilacs and how sweet your Mom always had a vase on them on your birthday. My husband when we were dating would bring me a big vase of them for me right before I went to work and I felt so very loved all day long smelling and looking at those beautiful lilacs! I have three bushes now. One is a dark purple, a light purple and a friend from work gave me a small piece from a white one last fall which has made it through the winter and looks like it might grow up big and strong! I hope! Just something about those lilacs! Have a lovely day. Your new thrifting blog friend, Mar Ann

Jaderocks said...

Great thrifty treasures I especially like the chick. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully next time I show the lilacs they will be blooming.

Secondhandrose said...

That's quite a haul Pearl! Thanks for sharing and thank you for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Well now I'd say all of that was a bargain!! I used to have those same white wire candleholders but I definitely paid for than that. Good job Pearl.

LeAnn :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pearl,
Hey it's late but please stop by my blog, I have something for you.

LeAnn :)

Melinda Cornish said...

I would love for you to do a banner for me!!!!In fact, I would be thrilled! Could I make you something in exchange? Let me know! Melinda


Hey Pearl i wanna come junkin' with you !!!! Wow you got some cute bargains. Love the little planters and the fan dish and the candle holders and...and... ALL OF IT .
OOh those frames..i have lots, painted white and rubbed back with some pretty fabric inside them.

have a gorgeous weekend lovely!

xo Shann

Rue said...

Hi Pearl :)

Thank you so much for coming by today. You did a great job with your new found treasures :) I loved the baby chick especially.

Have a great night sweetie!
rue :)

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I enjoyed reading about your thrifting adventure!! You found lots at great finds! Thank you for stopping in and visiting me on my blog and for your sweet comments!

Jewelgirl said...

I love thifting, I enjoy vintage
stuff and jewelry. Your blog is
lots of fun for me!

Sabii Wabii said...

Oh my you would be realy fun to shop with! Great finds! I LOVE a steal of a deal!