Saturday, April 12, 2008

I just love this illustration of the violets surrounding the sweet winged fairy... it brings back many fond memories for me...

When I was a little girl, living in Illinois, there were violets everywhere it seemed. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe that violets are the state flower for Illinois. I loved seeing little spots of purple when I was outside... riding my bike to the mail~box and seeing clusters of violets along the side of the road and at the base of the wooden post that the mail~box sat on.

There was a large woods behind our home and I often played there with the girl next door... When the violets were in bloom, I loved to pretend I was a beautiful fairy with soft see~through wings tinted with pink sparkles... I would pick some of the purple beauties and tuck them in my hair and behind my ears... then I would twirl and spin around with my arms extended and my eyes closed... I could fly and sprinkle pink fairy dust wherever my heart desired... my wings never got tired.

Soon I would hear my Mom calling me to come home. On the way out of the woods, I stopped often, picking violets until I simply could hold no more in my hands. Mom would always act so surprised at the handful of flowers I'd bring to her... with that smile of hers that could light up my world every time. She let me help her as we carefully picked out vases for them, not an easy task for such tiny beauties, and then she made a big deal out of how they should be arranged... she never failed to make me feel like I was the most important thing in her life. And she never crushed my Violet Dreams and Fairy Wings...

Until another time... Pearl



I just had to pop by from my sweet friend LeAnne's blog to say how gorgeous that banner is that you made her! What a truly sweet thing to do for a truly sweet gal.

I love this post about the violets...Violets remind me of my Mum, they are her second fav flower to the rose (of course)...Every home she has lived in has always had little wild violets growing through the garden, ragardless of whether she even planted them...i think they follow her...

ANyway WELCOME to blogland, im off to read some more of your posts now.

have a gorgeous weekend!

Shann :)

Anonymous said...

Hello sweets,

My new banner is a hit and when I went on my blog this morning and looked at it again, I just absolutely love it. It is happy and joyful. Thank you so much.

You grew up in Illinois?? Me too! I grew up in central Illinois, how about you?

They had this castle by where I lived and every spring we loved to ride our bikes there because they had wild bluebells growing. They were so so pretty. Your post made me think of that and it made me smile so thank you.

Have a blessed day.

LeAnn :)

Rue said...

I read about you over at the very sweet LeAnn's blog and thought I'd pop in :) I'm so glad I did! Your blog is beautiful and the story about the violets is just precious.

Welcome to blogland and have a great weekend,
rue :)

Bek said...

What a lovely story:)