Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Project In The Works...

One of my passions in life is Embroidery.
I find it to be very relaxing to work on...
Just me and my needle 'n colors.
I also enjoy "The Hunt" for vintage patterns.
My collection of them continues to grow
faster than I can stitch, for sure!
This particular one made me smile when I found it...
but I wasn't thrilled with the cross~stitching so I made
some creative changes to suit my fancy! Also,
I hand~lettered the word LAUNDRY at the top.

I'm going to put this cute couple in a shadow box frame...
add some wooden clothespins 'n wooden spools of thread!

I just love the funny lil expressions
on their faces ~ don't you?!
Are there any other vintage pattern lovers out there?

Miss Iron seems to have a lil bit
of a smug smile on her face...
and I'm especially amused with her hand on her hip!
How many times have I ever stood that way?!
I hope the weekend is treating everyone kindly ~smiles~
Until another time ... Pearl


Jaderocks said...

Hi Pearl I love embroidered linens. But I'm too impatient so I usually find them already done. Yours is darling, The lilacs are not open yet. They are a little slow in Northwest Ohio. Thanks for stopping by.


Hee Hee i think Miss iron was modeled on me (hang on do i really think i look like an iron..nooo) I mean the hands on the hips thing..Thats sooo me! Ok now i seem like a grouch....oh you know what i mean :)

Hope your weekend was great too sweatpea


Wow Pearl, I have been meaning to stop by. Don't know about Miss Iron, I HATE ironing. Love all your thrifting goodies, did I see pomanders in there? Hope you will come & visit.
Coll :-}

Donna O'Brien said...

I love Miss Iron or is it Ms.? With that smug look I'm guessing the latter. Great job- very kitschy which always fun!

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

i absolutely love vintage patterns but unfortunately do not have the patience to do the work myself, i have to buy it already done =) debbie

Rue said...

That really is darling :) I love the look on miss iron's face too LOL