Monday, April 21, 2008

My Life's Motto in Six Words

I was tagged not to long ago by LeAnn at
Pink Icing on the Cake to give a six word memoir
that represents my life's motto. While thinking
about this I knew, for me, it was going to be in
reference to God. For without Him there would
be no life. So, with that's my life's motto:

Now I must pass this on to five more blogs.
Please write a Six Word Memoir
that represents your life's motto.

The rules are:

1. Write your own six word Memoir.
2. Post it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who tagged you.
4. Tag 5 more blogs with links
(leave a comment on their blog with an invitation to play).

~Tag~ You're It!


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

hi pearl,

i was just tagged about a month ago for this, but thank you for thinking of me =)


Rue said...

Hi sweet Pearl :)

I was tagged a while ago too, but thank you for thinking of me. I'll put a link to it on my blog tomorrow and mention you :)

Thank you for the prayers. I think I might need them with this house ;)

Your life motto is beautiful!

Have a wonderful evening!
rue :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pearl,
That is beautiful. We are nothing without HIM and our life and our plans are HIS. Blessings!!


LeAnn :) said...

Thanks for sending the photos of your card, I have added it to the flickr group page. Very cute!!


Ohmygosh i think someone else tagged me for this too...oooh now i really need to get my thinking cap on...hmmmm...i'll sleep on it :)

Thanks for thinking of me sweetpea and i love your motto..just perfect i think :)

Big Hugs,
Shann xo

Jaderocks said...

Hi Pearl
I got my 6 word Motto done if you want to stop over and I posted a Lilac update for you.