Monday, February 16, 2009

Kitchen Time with my Sweetheart

I wonder how many packages of these Oodles-of-Noodles we've purchased during our marriage?! More than I'd care to think of, I'm sure. We're still stocking our pantry with them... Beef and Chicken seem to be the most requested flavor when the grocery list is being made. The boys love them!

Sunday evenings my Husband usually works, but this Sunday work was slow and he was given the night off. He wanted soup for supper. We decided to make a big pot of veggie soup together. One thing that we've done for a long time is to save any left-over veggies from our meals... we usually put them in a recycled plastic ice cream tub and then freeze it... adding to it as the left-overs appear. We are big veggie lovers in this house, so it's often quite a wild mix in our left-over container!

My Husband put our gigantic stainless soup pot on the stove and opened a big can of tomato juice and a big container of chicken broth... in they went, followed by water and spices. Next came the veggies... lima beans, corn, peas, string beans, field peas, and cabbage... We tasted the broth and felt it needed "something" else... Hmmmm, what to do?

Ahhhh... reach for the good old standbye, Ramen Chicken Noodles! I opened 8 packages and then emptied the flavor pouches into the soup pot... more stirring and tasting... Ohhh yeah! Just right! While the soup was coming to a boil, I sat and visited with my Husband while he did some cleaning... Soon it was time to add the noodles and then enjoy our supper...

Another thing we've collected over the years of our marriage, besides Ramen Noodles, have been Campbell Soup mugs... We love the sweet faces of the kids featured on them... We served our soup in the big mugs and agreed that things just taste "better" from them!

I'm so blessed to have a Husband that enjoys cooking... my health no longer allows me to do most of the things a housewife would tend to for her family... it makes me very sad... But my Sweetheart never complains, and I treasure the times that I'm well enough to get into the kitchen with him and help some... my health no longer allows me to eat anything with Gluten in it, either... that comes from Celiac Disease... there are times, though, when I "cheat" just a little bit... our soup was one of my "cheating" moments...
After supper, I had my coffee in my Vintage soup mug... it was a gift from my Mother-in-Law a long time ago... I wish we had a set of them, but we only have one... I'm so thankful to God for providing for us, and extremely thankful for being married to my best friend... His loving heart and kind soul help me get through each day... I cannot imagine my life without him in it...

So, in addition to "collecting" packages of Oodles-of-Noodles, and Campbell Soup mugs... I've also been collecting sweet memories of time spent in the kitchen with the Love of my life...

All I can say about that is, Mmmm-Mmmmmmm-Good!

God bless...

Until another time... Pearl


Sharon said...

What a sweet, sweet post! You are so blessed with a dear husband! I love hearing about your memories and making that soup together! What a great idea to save the veggies and freeze them for soup! I'm so sorry about your health Pearl, I pray that you will get stronger.

God bless you!

Tammy said...

I think I'll pick up a few pkg's of Ramen Noodles to stash in the pantry for my next "soup night"...thanks for the idea!

Blessin's! word verification is "crabless"...heehee, that's good to know!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I do that also with our left over vegetables. I like a big pot of vegetable soup on a cold day...m.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Pearl,
That sounds like a tasty soup - will have to try it out soon. We've eaten many a package of ramen noodles ourselves, my daughter's used to be teriyaki chicken. I'll have to pick some up tomorrow and bring home some memories. I love the Campbell Kids myself too - always reminds me of my grandma - I've got an old, old spoon still sitting around tarnished (think it's time to clean in up). Sorry if I've told you this already, sweet friend. Hmm, I may have some noodles now that I think of it in the pantry... off to check ;)

KatCollects said...

This was such a sweet post, it made me smile. We have soup night here once in awhile too, I think it is pure comfort food : ) Deb told me you wanted to join us in exchanging ATC's, I would love that! I will send you a email with the details!


Hi Friend,

Soup sounds yummy!!! I need to like veggies!! I made a good salad tonight with greens, strawberries, walnuts and raspberry dressing and that was good.
Off to read more blogs.
We'll talk soon:)

shamrock fields said...

Dear Pearl,

I have seen these noodles in the store, but I have never tried them. I think I will have to try them now! I absolutely love the little soup mugs! There's nothing better than vegetable soup this time of year. I pray that you feel better--bless you!