Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mom's Cake Plate and a Magic Chef...

Don't you just love this Vintage Ad for Magic Chef?! I thought it would be interesting to tuck in a few Vintage cooking-type ads with this post... since it's actually about cooking... specifically, me cooking!! Below is a photo of my Mom's cake plate 'n cover, complete with dents 'n scratches. She had this for as long as I can recall... and I feel so blessed to now own it. It gets used whenever there's cake in our home... c'mon... let's take a peek!

OK... now I have to confess... I did not do this alone... Dear Husband helped... alot... We had fun together and I feel so lucky that he truly enjoys cooking and baking! He is the "Magic Chef" in my kitchen!!

I added the sprinkles! Can you see Mr. Rooster and his wheelbarrow holding the packets of sweetener? I love his overalls!

In case you're wondering... this is Dot's Peanut Butter Cake! With a few changes... she makes hers with a yellow cake mix, but we used chocolate! I'm not sure about how many layers Dot makes hers, but we opted for four!

For those of you who might not know Dot, you can find her at Picket's Place in blogland. She is one sweet Lady and recently shared this recipe. It is the favorite cake of her sons, aka The Burly Boys!

Thanks for sharing, Dot... All of the guys in my home loved this cake! And, for my second confession, I ate about a third of the slice on my Husband's plate, even though I shouldn't do that, due to my food allergies... And, yes, I did "pay the price" for eating it, but no regrets... it was awesome!! Now, at least I will know how good it is.

If you'd like to find out for yourself... just visit Dot, here, and she'll be more than happy to give you a copy of her recipe! Please tell her that I sent you! Here are a few more Vintage cooking-type ads... Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by... and I hope you'll find a "Magic Chef" in your kitchen, too!
God bless...
Until another time... Pearl


Anonymous said...

Hi Pearl,
Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering.....I have a weakness and it's sweets, especially CAKE!! I wish I could reach through there and slice a piece and have it with my coffee this morning. Your posts are always so adorable. Have a blessed day.


Picket said...

Oh my word Pearl!!!! 4 layers!!!! My boys would be in peanut butter heaven if I did 4 layers! lol Oh girl that looks so good it makes you want to lick the screen! lol lol I will definitely have to try it with the chocolate cake just looks too good! I love those vintage ads...I have an old ....old...Life magazine that has some great old advertisments in it that I have been wanting to cut out and frame...I love stuff like that...but I gotta tell you Pearl..I WANT THAT ROOSTER WITH THE LITTLE WHEEL BARREL!!! That is the cutest thing ever! lol Oh an dthe best part of all is your mama's cake plate and holder...that is priceless glad you like the cake sweetie and that was so sweet of you to mention me..take care sweetie and have a great day!

Pink Slippers said...
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luvmy4sons said...

Mmmmm...looking mighty good. I have some hungry boys who could help you out with that cake!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Pearl,

The cake looks luscious and the fact your hubby helped makes it even better. You lucky girl!

I hope this message finds you well. I loved the vintage ads you put in with this. It was great.

Take care,

Melinda Cornish said...

that cake looks great! I hope you saved me a the cake holder too! Melinda

Kathi said...

What adorable vintage pictures, Pearl. That cake is amazing. Nobody makes four layer cakes anymore. I love it. Have a blessed evening dear one. Kathi

My Petite Maison said...

How'd I miss this one? This looks delicious! Hope you're doing well today. For some reason, I can not comment on your first post with the kitten in the tea cup (maybe you've turned comments off...) in any case, I'm thinking of you and now will be thinking about something sweet all day ;)