Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vintage Eye Candy...

Is it too early to start enjoying Halloween? I don't believe it is! I thought it would be fun to share some Vintage Halloween post cards! I think I have enough to last between now and the Witching Hour... Perhaps you'll see one or two that you like... maybe even use some for creating hang tags for your Halloween Treats!
Enjoy... No Tricks here!

I hope everyone's enjoying the beginning of Fall... I'm planning on posting more Vintage Halloween art as we count down the days to Goblins 'n Ghosts!

Until another time... Pearl


Anonymous said...

Hi Pearl,
Are you feeling better? I hope so. It is so nice to see that you posted today. Sending big hugs your way.


Anonymous said...

i love those!!! they are adorable!

Kathi said...

What cute vintage cards. Thank you Pearl for stopping by and encouraging me and for all your sweet comments. I'm catching up on everyone's blogs. Have a pleasant evening. Hugs, Kathi


Hi Pearl,
WOW those vintage Halloween post cards are worth some serious $$$
and I LOVE them. They are SOOOO had to find. Lucky you.:)Thanks for sharing them and I can hardly wait to see more of them. Are you feeling better??
Warmly, Deb :)

Tracie~MPMaison said...

Hi Pearl,
I love your vintage postcards. It's not too early for Fall and Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays. Memories of childhood, you know...
Thank you for sharing these cards with us - they're beautiful!


oooh how sweet are those cards!!!
You know what? I'd kinda forgotten all about halloween for a while...ooops. It's not a big thing here but Sam and i love it!
Last year i swear we were the only home in a 100 mile radius who celebrated Halloween...we had kids all over the place! LOL, its so much fun!

Thanks for the images sweetpea, i'll 'borrow' them for sure!

Luv n hugs
Shann xx