Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vintage Eye Candy part 4...

Have y'all been getting ready for Halloween? Stocking your supplies of bat wings, spider legs and magic dust?! I've misplaced my jar of Hoot Owl Secrets... but I do have more Vintage Halloween art to share! Make sure you click on the images to enlarge them... and Enjoy!

I hope everyone has a fun day... the Witching Hour is getting closer! Do you have your pumpkins yet? The fields are full of them, here... truly a beautiful sight... God bless...

Until another time... Pearl


Anonymous said...

Hi Pearl...Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm very new to this so I appreciate you taking a look. I love your cards. Gets me in the mood for fall.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Pearl, It is so good to see a light on over here and see you posting again! :) You have been in my thoughts and prayers and am so, so glad of the prognosis you received! Isn't God just wonderful!!!

Love your Halloween greetings! I was in Home Goods yesterday and they had three big candy bars in a pack, with the some greetings as yours! Don't remember now exactly which ones. But they were so cute!

Did you by any chance get your package. I sure hope so, cause I sent it out quite awhile ago. I hope it is not lost somewhere!!! Talk to you soon! Hugs, Rhonda :)

Maree said...

The cards are too cute and fun to look at! Thanks for posting them.

I got some fall things out the other day, I saw LeAnn's blog with all the decorations and was inspired...I need to post some pictures.

Anyway, my 3 year old grandaughter was here while I decorated, she was having a fit!
"No Grammy Re, you don't put those pumkins up until Halloween!"...she was really upset with me and not having any of it!

God's blessings on you! Maree


Hi Pearl,
Thanks again for sharing these darling postcards. I'm so enjoying seeing each new one. So far the one with the DOG and Kitty are my favorite.

Rue said...

Hi sweet Pearl :)

I didn't know you had Fibromyalgia. My SIL Becky has the beginnings of it too and has had horrible migranes forever. I'm so sorry that you have to go through any of it. I hope you are feeling better these days.


Rick said...
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Joanne Kennedy said...

You have some great postcards. I used to collect the vintage Halloween postcards too but then sold them off on ebay. I have a few left but not many.

I just read some of you back posts. Oh your waking up durning your surgery sounds dreadful. I sure hope you are doing much better now.


Marie Antionette said...

I love these cards,they are sooo cute.I'm going to ask my lovely daughter to make me a halloween banner for this holiday.Thanks for stopping by hon,Are you feeling any better?Here are some get more well kises.XXXXXXX and a hug O.Marie A.

Tracie~MPMaison said...

I'd love to see all the fields filled with pumpkins - around here, we mostly get them at the grocery store or organics store - sad, isn't it? I hadn't thought about how much I miss the pumpkin patches. I'll have to get in my car later this weekend and see if I can find a pumpkin patch.
Love the little pumpkin/goards that are so afraid of that scarey black cat (love black cats).
Happy night,

Sharon said...

What awesome prints! Thanks for sharing. I love the old vintage Halloween postcards.

I am so glad that you are better Pearl! What excellent news! Praise the Lord!

Hugs, Sharon