Thursday, October 15, 2009

May I Have $25,000 ... Please?

Let me begin this post by
passing along some info
that most of you probably
already know about ...
The Lovely Natasha Burns
is hosting a very Unique
Swap on October 22nd ...
She describes it as
"a swap/challenge/party
all rolled into one. But
a "swap" with a difference."
And with a title of
It's All About Me!
who wouldn't be
interested in
checking it out?!
I know I'm going to
do my best to join in ...
I hope to do some serious
catching up over the next few weeks ...
being behind is no fun ... at all ...
The ATC's above and below
were done by me, and sent to some
very sweet 'n talented girls in blogland ...
We formed a small group and do
a monthly swap of ATC's and/or
Hang Tags with pre-selected themes ...

I've been having some camera problems ...
combined with hands that want to
shake at the worst possible times ...
my thanks to Lindsey for providing me
with these photos from our swap group ...

I made this Friendship tag for Twyla
to go along with the gifts I sent
to her for her recent Birthday ...
She loves mushrooms and I loved this
"ME" image with the two girlfriends
telling secrets under the big red cap ...
it just reminded me of Twyla so much!

I used another "ME" image to create
this teeny-tiny journal for Twyla also ...
Does anyone else enjoy making
these small journals as much as I do?!

The last group of
Vintage Halloween Postcards
that I shared with y'all
had a green theme ...
Here is a group with
cream colored backgrounds ...

~ chuckles at the word ... wallop ... ~

I've noticed that some
bloggers ask for things ...
some share wish-lists, like myself ...
others drop hints, BIG 'n small ...

Here's the reason for the title of this post ...

Cup ~ Cake ~ Cars !!!

Aren't they Awesome?!
They have a 24-volt electric motor
and can go as fast as 7 mph ...
Oh yeah ... they sell for a cool
~ slight gasp ~

So in keeping with the
spirit of an upcoming
All-About-Me swap,
I thought it would be
OK to ask for $25,000 ...
I do believe I'd look
cute in a peppermint hat ...


God bless ...

Until another time ... Pearl


luvmy4sons said...

Too funny! Hugs!

Natasha Burns said...

oh how fabulous are those cupcake cars!!! Thanks for the plug, so glad you're going to join in!


Hi Pearl,
That is funny about the cup cake car :)
Thanks for sharing the Halloween PC and the tag and notebook you made for Twyla are so cute!!!
The cats in the past post are cute and scary..
Happy weekend.
Deb :)

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hee-hee-hee! You *would* look cute in a pepermint hat! ♥

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Paula, It was great seeing my sweet things on the big screen:) I love my tags and the little notebook. I use it all the time to jot down blogging notes. Your creativity is wonderful. I love how you combine elements in your tags. The vintage Halloween postcards you share are so cute! Thank you so much for that. The cupcake car is something that I think you need. Maybe we could take up a collection in blogland. If everyone just put in $1 or $2, it might not be that long till you'd be toolin' around in that cute little car. I wonder if the hat cost extra?! Have a wonderful Sunday! Love, Twyla

Tammy said...

How funny are those cupcake cars! YEs, you can use my photo of the ferret as long as you link it back to my blog. I am offering it up for sale in my shop, as well. Saw the little fellow last summer at an arts festival. I had to get a photo of him. He is toooo cute!

KatCollects said...

Sweet Pearl,
You make me smile : ) I do believe you deserve a cupcake car!!! How fun. I love every tag you have sent me, you always do a beautiful job. I hope you are feeling good and have a good week.